“We serve with passion towards Thalassemia & Sickle cell affected children.”

Who we are

Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) is a registered NGO (Reg. no. 5359 Dt. 22/10/1998) established in the year 1998 with the pledge to help the Thalassemia patients. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder and affected patients depend on regular blood transfusion for survival, usually every 2 to 3 weeks. Our objective is to treat all thalassemia children and add years to their lives.

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Our Mission

To promote the provision of appropriate treatment and to achieve a good quality of life for every patient with Haemoglobinopathies, and to encourage prevention policies with the aim of reducing the number of newly affected births. To promote research activities for bring-ing newer treatment for thalassemia patient.

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News & Events

Thalassemia And Sickle Cell Society Paper Cut

Thal Beats 2017 event, Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) has announced FREE HbA2 TEST

Sri Sukhsohit Singh-Deputy Controller Financial Adviser, Ministry Of Defence (Finance)-Govt Of India

Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society December 16th Report

Thalassemia Sickle Cell Society November 16th Report

Blood Donation Camp organizers get felicitated

Thalassemia Awareness And Donation Drive Campagin

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Let’s build the better world together without
starving children, pain and death.

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