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The Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Society provides a wide range of services and activities that benefit patents of both those chronic diseases. Our primary focus is on awareness and patient care
Blood Transfusions

Our transfusion centre is open all seven days and every month about 800 members are given free blood transfusions by our 3 well trained nursing staff. All of the blood that is transfused in this center is saline washed and stored in our own blood bank.

Parents of Thalassemia children are educated & informed about the Transfusion Regimen followed for normal growth and development of the child. The physical growth of the child is regularly monitored, recorded and parents are advised accordingly.

Classifications of Disease
Type of Disease No. of children
Thalassemia Major 1726
Thalassemia Intermedia 63
Sickle Thalassemia 107
Sickle Cell Anemia 370
E  Thalassemia 25
Others 40
Not Available 11
Grand Total 2342
ThalCare (Thalassemia Management System)

ThalCare is the worlds first web based application for Thalassemia Management. It enables world class, affordable and accessible protocol driven thalassemia care locally even in limited resource settings.

ThalCare is an innovative solution which has won several awards and recognition. To know more, visit here

Our Blood Transfusion Drives

Monthly blood requirement for society members comes to more than 800 units. To meet this requirement society members & parents participate actively is organizing Blood donation camps. Corporate offices, Universities and colleges are visited and the need and requirement of Thalassemia patients is explained and their commitment to support the children is taken for conducting at least two blood donation camps an year, in their respective campuses. Society is undertaking this activity with the support of Red Cross Society of Hyderabad.

Society also conducts blood donation camps every two months, at the society center. Thalassemia patients with rare blood groups are also intimated on the availability of blood that suits them

General Public Awareness Programs

General public awareness programs are organized by the society periodically. Public are educated about Thalassemia & Sickle cell disease which are preventable genetic blood disorders through small talks in offices, colleges and schools etc. Thalassemia & Sickle cell disease information brochures and leaflets are prepared in Telugu & Urdu apart from English for distribution. All queries are attended to by trained society staff and doctors at the TSCS society centre.

Every month we are conduct around 25 to 30 awareness talks on Thalassemia.

Medical Professional Education

CME (Continued Medical Education) programs and regular updates on Thalassemia are conducted by the society along with our supporting organizations & institutions, every year to address awareness among medical professionals.

Subsidized Iron Chelating Medication

Regular blood transfusions are essential for Thalassemia child to live. But for these children to live a healthy and quality life they need to use costly iron chelation drugs. These drugs are essential for reducing excess iron deposited in the body. Many parents due to their financial constraints cannot effort these drugs.

TSCS utilizes majority(80%) of its funds on patient care and most importantly to subsidize costly iron chelation drugs. At present about 60% of members with more than 15 blood transfusion are on Iron chelation drugs. Iron levels in the body & CBP of patients are regularly monitored and advised accordingly by society doctors.

Laboratory Testing

Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society Vuppala Krishna Rao & Chandrakala Diagnostic Services established in September, 2011 offers facilities for carrying out Laboratory investigations with the advanced technology in the diagnostic field. We have wide range of laboratory testing services in Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Clotting Factors, Hormonal assay, Microbiology, Hematology, Histopathology & ECG. The Lab has high quality precision equipments that provide qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis of biological fluids such as blood, serum, tissue, urine, stool etc.

 Research Center
 Free blood transfusion center
 Pre-transfusion Hb and other investigations
 Free consultation and genetic counseling
 Regular Growth monitoring
 Hepatitis-B vaccination at subsidized rates
 Serum ferritin level at subsidized rate
 A2 level screening for Thalassemia traits with Bio-Rad Column/HPLC
 Chelation drugs at subsidized prices
 Psychosocial support
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