Thalassemia Awareness And Donation Drive Campagin

Thalassemia Awareness And Donation Drive Campagin | TSCS

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Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society has planned for a 79 days special Awareness and Donation drive campaign from 14th June 2015 to 18th July 2015 to strengthen the Society with the support of the people. By organizing the campaign MISSION 10 MILLION the Society wish to reach 10 million people and urge them to join their hands to become Donors for a noble cause ie., to extend the lives of Children affected with Thalassemia.

Mission 10 Million which is a thalassemia awareness program honored by Honorable Health Minister Shri.C.Lakshma Reddy Garu,Tollywood Director Boyapati Sreenu Garu, South Indian Actress Pranitha Subhash along with Ex DGP HJ Dora.

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